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Here’s What People Are Saying

Learn what clients in Slave Lake, Alberta and its surrounding areas have to say about the physiotherapy assessment and treatment that we offer here at Slave Lake Downtown Physiotherapy & Massage. It would also mean a lot to us if you can write a review about the services that we have provided. Kindly fill out the form on this page to let us know what you think!

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Testimonials of our Clients

I have been to Downtown physiotherapy for ongoing lower back and shoulder pain. Physio conducted a thorough examination and explained my issues in a clear yet comprehensive way, leaving me reassured. After following physio advice and treatment ,my back and shoulder pain has reduced significantly. physio with a very friendly manner. I thoroughly recommend Downtown physiotherapy

                                 -Amanda Mckay

"I want to Thank everyone in Downtown Physiotherapy & Massage most sincerely for your encouragement to work hard at your expertly crafted physio program which helped me exceed my expectations in all the ways and to motivate me to move onto more challenging tasks in many ways. My wife and I are both thrilled that I had no falls these past 3 months. Words really cant fully express how much your service meant to me!"

                                               - Robert J

"Go try a Rattan massage from Daylean! Trie​d my first one today & I’m officially blown away. I’m so calm & relaxed! Her lymphati​c massages are also well worth it. I’ve​ been going to Daylean for the last 6 years and I highly recommend her. I’ve tried other therapists to see what’s out there & I keep going back to Daylean. Many therapists boast they can do deep therapeutic, but Daylean actually can & does. If, on the other hand, you want a truly relaxing massage, please try the lymphatic massage she offers. I noticed the effects of this particular method lasted for quite a few days, nearly a week. All her methods are restorative modalities & I’ve yet to be disappointed. I need to share her because taking care of my own health is something I consider very important & a deep responsibility towards. I notice so many who don’t make the time, or may not know where to go, even with health coverage! Go to Downtown Physiotherapy & Massage & see Daylean."

                                                - Kat Richards

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